7 Reasons Why you Should Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer

The one thing I regret the most from my own wedding was not hiring a videographer. This was before I became a wedding filmmaker myself and realized the importance of having someone document our wedding day in video. My father-in-law tried to do some filming on a newly purchased camcorder but it was an epic fail with mostly shots of our guest’s shoes. My wife and I don’t remember our vows, or my father’s words as he married us. We don’t remember my brothers playing guitar and singing a song they wrote us during the ceremony and we don’t remember our guests speeches. My grandfather has since passed away and I wish more than anything that I had a recording of his voice and interaction with family at our wedding.

So why should you invest in a heirloom wedding film created by a professional wedding videographer?

I’ll give you my 7 reasons below:

  1. Non Photographable Moments.
    • Many moments of your wedding day can’t be captured in photographs like the recording of the words said during your first look or vows, the music played during your first dance, toasts and speeches given by family and friends.
  2. Missed Moments.
    • The wedding day passes by so quickly and in a flash it’s over. There may have been things you missed seeing like your grandma and grandpa dancing together or your partner getting ready in another location. Wouldn’t it be extra special to see what each of you were doing separately the morning of your wedding?
  3. Relive the Memories.
    • Wedding films can be rewatched during anniversaries, on special occasions or anytime when you want to remember the love you and your partner exchanged that day and the people who were there supporting you. If you choose to elope, your wedding film will be treasured by family and friends who missed being part of the wedding day but can relive the day with you through video.
  4. Remembering Loved Ones.
    • How many times will all of your loved ones be in the same room at the same time? This is a celebration when your most important people are there in one room supporting you. Why not have a professional videographer who can document this experience for you, capturing the true experience in a visual and audible way? It is also a very special way to remember loved ones who may no longer be with you (like my grandfather).
  5. It’s Easy to Share
    • Most professional wedding videographers have online links so that you can easily share your video files through their private gallery or through Vimeo or YouTube. If a friend or family member was unable to attend, this is a great option to let them experience the day with a quality film.
  6. Quality Product.
    • A professional wedding videographer will have the correct gear and experience to film your wedding day unobtrusively, while creating a quality film and editing with skill and technique. Professional wedding videographers know what equipment is best for capturing certain details and they have special devices for recording beautiful audio. They also subscribe to licensed music software. If you are going to be sharing your wedding videos online you can’t use copyrighted songs, which many non-professionals do.
  7. A Cherished Keepsake
    • A professional wedding video will turn into a family heirloom that can be passed on through the generations and be enjoyed by your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren etc.

Hiring a wedding videographer may be an expense you hadn’t budgeted for but I can guarantee you that you will not regret having these memories preserved in film. – Oscar

Photo Credit: Twenty Twenty Photography

If you are still in need of a professional wedding videographer for your Calgary, Canmore, Banff or destination wedding or elopement, I’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch!

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